Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kalbarri November 2009

Hi Folks,

We just got back from our first camping trip to Kalbarri, and we loved it.

Kalbarri is 7 hours north of Perth through the most dull landscape known to man, look a bush gets a boring game after about 3 seconds, there was the odd tree to break up the monotony.

Between us and Kalbarri is Dongara, Geraldton and Northampton (really), that's three towns in 7 hours plus a few roadhouses which at up to 38C on the inland route are hot, very expensive hell holes occupied by dull bored people and flies lots of flies.

Kalbarri made all that monotony worth while, the town is in the aptly named Kalbarri National Park which is a massive area of um er bushes slashed through the middle by the Murchison river.
The Murchison has cut it's way deep into the red soil making for some dramatic gorges and unspoiled stunning scenery.

We camped at the Tudor Caravan park which had a new large pool and was nice and close to the centre of the town.

Where the Muchison heads out to the Indian Ocean it passes through a reef which makes it a challenge for ocean going boats, alongside the reef but still on the river bank is Chinamans beach which has shallow calm clear water and beautiful white sands great for the kids to dig holes in the sand, swim and be happy.

The coastal beaches are dotted with reefs which are protected as they contain tropical fish not usually seen as far south as Kalbarri, these reefs have massive pools of warm water to explore and spot the tropical fish that are trapped by the tide.

We hired a Tinny (Aluminium boat with outboard) and headed up stream past the fishing boats and through a very shallow area sticking close to the marker boys to get to the wide area known as Castle Rock. Once we were into deeper we parked up on the bank (I know that's not a very nautical term but it describes it nicely) and had a picnic and a cast about for a fish, my first cast resulted in a small Tailor (Known as a chopper Tailor) which boded well for our day out.

After lunch we headed further upstream in what would probably be best described as wilderness, there was just us and the sea eagles. Next we dropped anchor mid river and put some river prawns on our hooks while Ally read her book (not impressed with fishing).

The river was alive with fish our bait was ripped off the hooks at every cast, the main culprit for this was a fish called Tarwhine (Yellow finned Bream) which are about 4" long and have a good set of razor sharp teeth, we managed to catch some of these then Jacques reel started spinning backwards at a fast rate of knots and after a short fight he landed his first Black Bream which have even larger teeth and look a bit like a Bass, Joe and I also caught some fish with Jacques seeming to have the touch.

After 3 hours on the water we motored back to the boat hire site happy fishermen (and Ally).

All in all we had a great time relaxing, swimming and fishing.

After 9 nights we headed the 7 hours home happy campers.




James said...

See you are not missing " The Old Country " LOL
Your seating there telling lovelt stories of sunshine and fishing and GUESS WHAT !!!!!! It's raining here LOL

Just to Let you know mate Staine V Millwall 28th Nov 1.30 KO. But think about this Millwall getting off one side of Staines and about 30 west ham on the other LOL
Police ready you think !!!!!!

Neilo said...

Come you Swans, hope it goes batter than the last cup tie 0 - 5.