Tuesday, 9 September 2008

School Time! (Sit up properly at the back there)

G,day Folks,

I wont bother with the excuses, everyone is busy so you understand it is hard to find the time to Blog.

As we live in the upside down part of the planet our seasons are also upside down and so is the school calender. The kids get December and January off for school holidays and the school sports day is in September before it gets too hot instead of in June as it is in England where it is raining all the time (for a change).

Sports day is a big occasion over here, the school is split into four factions who each have a different coloured special shirt for sports, this means that the kids are represented in all years in even numbers which is cool as they get to know other kids from different years.

On the big day and it is that because it goes on for the whole day, the activities are set up around the oval and the different years rotate around from one area to another after completing the particular activity. (If that is confusing you stand in a field full of kids and try and work out what the hell is going on).

Each team activity is given points for position so the factions (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow) compete for superiority on the day, all of the activities are team games and the kids have a ball.

The parents are allowed to wander around following their kids or sit on the edge of the oval and have a picnic, cameras are not banned and everyone has a good time, the parents mingle and chat and enjoy themselves too so a good day is had by all.

On the school subject assemblies are a whole new animal to us, they also take ages and awards are given out to just about anyone of the kids that can keep awake throughout proceedings.

They sing the Aussie anthem and listen to speeches from the Head, Deputy head, chaplain, and anyone else that likes the sound of their own voice, also and more interestingly the kids from chosen classes put on a play or display for every ones enjoyment, the week before last Joe's class were performing rap songs for our delectation, one was so "fantastic" that I had to leave the area very quickly as I almost p*ssed myself laughing, damn it was bad, I am having a fit of laughter just recalling the moment, you know when something is really funny when you keep smirking long after the moment is gone...

Jacques class had their chance to excel last week where they put on a show about "Mini Beasts", this is Jac's favourite subject because he loves bugs just like a 6 year old should.

Jac was a Redback for the show (see picture). Ally made his costume for him and painted his face, they sang songs, told jokes and put on a good show for all, afterwards the parents are given tea, coffee and cake. (I think the coffee is just so that anyone suffering from the drowsy after effects can safely drive home).

Back last year Jac fell off his bike and needed plastic surgery on his lip, as you would expect it kind of put him off cycling for a bit, after some coaxing though we got him back on the bike and he did that well that we had to upgrade his bike for one with gears.

He has really progressed very quickly and will soon be chasing Joe who is very quick on two wheels. Last week we all rode down the hill to Lake Joondalup and round to the other side of the lake (Wanneroo) where there is a new play park with loads of slides and a climbing wall etc.
Jac did well again so on Saturday we rode to Mark and Lou's so that Jac could show off his new bike (picture to come) to Luke and Lewis. The trip to Connolly had us again rolling down to the lake then taking a left (instead of the right to Wanneroo), instead of taking the shared footpath / cycle path we took a slightly rougher track that contours the edge of the lake and does not have the ups and downs of the other path, after that we rode through the Neil Hawkings park (which is full of Parrots, Cockies and stinking pigeons and the occasional Kangaroo) beyond the park we rode along the excellent cycle paths to Connolly arriving after about an hour (I use this route regularly and it takes 20 minutes maximum but I don't stop for crossings or cars etc).
This example I guess shows that with good weather family time can be spent more outside than in, as the spring progresses we find ourselves spending more time out of the house together which was part of our dream life down under.

Take it easy,


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"Pommie" Pammie said...

Hi everyone

Love the hats - Ellie and Ben have to wear them too in NZ.

Looks like a lonnnnnnnnng tiring day you had. The boys looked great.

In one of the pics I saw Jacques - in another is that Joe and Jacques beside a coloured girl. Had a job to check out Joe - except in the obvious picture.

How come, Joe and Jacques were together that day - I thought they were in different age classes.

Would have loved to have heard the "rap" song.

Hope Jacques doesn't get too fond on insects!!! What is a Redback? a spider?

Keep having fun....

Lovely to hear about my boys xxxxx