Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Life upside down

G'day all,

Most important stuff first, Good luck to Bart, Amir, Amber and Romaan in Canada, I hope you all have as much luck as we have in our new life and more.
The picture shows a view of the back of our property from the right hand rear corner looking to the left, as you can see the pool is down some steps, past the palm tree in the middle of the picture is another set of steps which take us up to a grassy area where the kids have the trampoline.

Sorry that I haven't posted since we moved into our house but life has been very hectic, all of the stuff that took up our time in the UK has been turned around so that we have been doing it in reverse such as starting work, moving in, unpacking etc.

Where to start, I guess it's with our house, you would have all had an email giving our new address, we finally moved in on the 4th of July! Yep Independence day and so it was for us too, the shipping turned up on the 5th and I started working shift on the 6th.

Most of our shipment was fine and gladly received, in fact we had forgotten what we had and small surprises were happening all over the house as we opened boxes upon boxes.

I was most interested in sorting out my tools as I would be needing them the next day where Allison was being more practical and sorting out kettles and bedding and stuff you cant fix cars with.

After two weeks we had a trip to the tip and got rid of the last of the cardboard boxes and rearranged stuff until we were happy with our lot, the house is much bigger than our old place which is handy as we had so much stuff in the container and we have stuff we have accrued from here as well plus the furniture we have purchased since.

It's hard to know what subjects people are interested in reading about so I will just ramble on at random and maybe hit the right spot a few times.

What is it like living in Perth you ask (well you would have, I guess), it's bloody good mate, it is so not too different but enough to make it interesting, I travel around as you would imagine in my job and see the good and the bad of Perth from the city on the river Swan south of Edgewater north to about 8 miles north of where we live where civilisation as we know it ends, most of it is a very nice place to be with only a few areas which are dodgy and not nice in any way, unfortunately when I am working I have to visit the good and the bad and the contrast is almost as diverse as the mother country they make the same mistakes as well and put all of the less well off in the same place and they drag each other into the mire.

On the upside whenever I see the Ocean I realise how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place, Mulalloo beach is just 4kms from here and about 7 minutes in the car, on a sunny day it is too beautiful to describe, you really have to stand there to take it in.

Is the cost of living rising in Oz too? Yes sir, Western Aus is a very remote place so we are at the mercy of supply and demand more than most, if crops fail here we have to import, if that means it comes from the Eastern states we pay a premium, if it comes from abroad we even pay more.

Petrol is running at at around $1.40 - $1.50 per litre so it is still much cheaper than blighty but it is expensive compared to recent local prices.

Getting back to the house, it was in a pretty bad state, the previous owners were not very clean to say the least but we have both worked hard and it is now a good place to be, we have a lounge for ourselves and for the Friday night WII bowling competition and the kids have their own lounge with two sofas a TV and their PlayStation so life is good on that score.

Our swimming pool will come into play when the weather warms up some more, the pool itself was in a state of disarray like the rest of the place, we took a water sample to the local pool shop and ended up $150 out of pocket for chemicals plus 100kg of salt!
That was just the start of pool time, we had to learn how to clean the pool out, where the leaves went when they were sucked up by the long hose and what a chlorinater did, how the filter worked and what the hell back flushing was and whether it was legal!
At the bottom of the pool on a long hose was a "Creepy Crawly" but it was dead, the CC is a thing that wanders around the bottom of the pool sucking up all the leaves and blow ins when the pump is running, alas ours was knackered like the rest of the place so another trip to the pool shop saw us $266 bucks out of pocket but know I have a machine to get the leaves out life is sweet and the money is well spent.

Joe and Jacques, they love it here but like us miss the people we know and love from back home, the weather has been poor for about 4 weeks and finally broke when Mark and Lou returned from the UK, on Saturday we took 5 kids to the beach and they all rode their bikes along the beach cycle path, Jac had me running along side him and he did really well, Joe has his confidence back in spades and is racing around like a demon on his bike. We walked (Ran) for about 30 minutes north from Ocean Reef marina along the coast path then back to the car, it is this kind of minor everyday event that makes being close to the coast so special, I have always had an affinity with water (Pisces) and just feel at home and alive near the Ocean.

School is going well on the kids front, Ally has helped out in the canteen and we have been able to join them for lunch and watch them on a lapathon around the oval.

I know some will be saying wind it up Thorpey and other will want to know more but it is 1:22 am, I finished work at midnight and I am running out of Ideas, if there are any subjects you want me to write about then just ask!!! To easy!!


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"Pommie" Pammie said...

Hi everyone - its great to see you are getting it together.

No-one leaves a house as good as one likes, but at least you can say that you have cleaned it thoroughly to your standards.

Not surprised to hear you say that there are "dodgy" places - even in idyllic New Zealand, they had their "black spots" life aint perfect mate!!

I know what you mean about finding "goodies" when you unpack - we found a box not long ago with knick-knacks we thought we had lost - and it is 8 years on!!!!

We have sh...y weather here at the moment, and have to have the heating on sometimes at night - never known an August like it.

When you get the lovely summer and all the cleaning, packing, and have had time to reflect - it will be wonderful to just relax by the pool. Can imagine it as I sit here.

Love to our boys -

Look forward to your next entry.

Mum and Dad