Saturday, 28 June 2008

RAC Members are Happier


The RAC WA motto is "RAC Members are happier", well they were!

Thursday we became owners of our first Aussie home, (email me for the address if you don't have it) and on Friday I took possession of my RAC roadside assistance Ford Falcon Ute.

We move into the house next Friday which is my last day of training, the container and all of our worldly goods arrives on Thursday so I have Saturday only to find and sort out all of my tools before I go solo Sunday afternoon and try to keep all of those happy members smiling!!!!!!

It will be good to set down roots and maybe get a minute or to of time to relax, the house sale has gone through very easily, the agents and the settlement people have not seen a transaction go so quickly and smoothly.

The house is a two minute walk to school and there is a semi private secondary school just past the primary so if we can get the boys into that school the car can stay in the drive on school days.

I am looking forward to using the pool but not looking forward to looking after it, hopefully Mark is going to give me some maintenance lessons before he goes off on his UK trip.

It's winter here and everyone is moaning about the cold weather??? I spend most of my working days wearing a short sleeve shirt, next winter I will probably be acclimatised and be moaning with the Aussies!



1 comment:

"Pommie" Pammie said...

Hi everyone,

It's all looking good.

Trust a whinging Pom to moan about cleaning out the pool. Stan is expert on pool maintenance.

At least they will see you coming in that "bright yellow" ute, when you go out on the road.

Good luck with the house move, you will have to email us your new address!! or not!!!

Take care

Love you all loads xxx