Monday, 23 June 2008

Perth's a good place to be


Sorry it's been a while since I last posted, life at the moment is like it was when we left the UK but in reverse.

I am busy training to be an RAC patrolman as you know, on top of that we are going through the final stages of purchasing our first Aussie home so while I am at work Ally is running around sorting out all of the paperwork with the realty agent and the settlement agent.

The system is a bit strange because you agree to buy the house subject to any conditions you feel like applying then you sign up a settlement agent who does searches to find out if a highway is going to be built through our new lounge..... Yep *rse about face would be the best description.

We have just completed the final inspection on our new house, we found a few things wrong but they were minor and we want to move in so what's the point in the inspection as we are paying a lot of money to delay the delivery of our container and the cost of fitting a few light bulbs or switches is a damn sight less than the cost of storage so we just sign the paperwork and fix the problems later.

We are looking forward to moving in, it will not be until a week after we own the house for various reasons plus we will get our stuff from our container the day we move in so it will be all go on the 4Th of July, yep again it's Independence day all round!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off on the Saturday when we move in so will have to frantically sort out my tools so that I am ready for my first solo day of patrol on Sunday late shift, now that is timing.

Away from the hassles of life we have been getting about our new country, on Saturday we went to Kings park with Mark Lou and all the boys, for those that do not know, Kings park is a massive park which overlooks the Swan river and the City of Perth from on high, it is meticulously maintained with loads of different parking and picnic areas, it is just beautiful in all of it's aspects with space for everyone. At KP we had a picnic next to a quaint duck pond on immaculately manicured lawns, after that we walked along the new raised boardwalk which allows spectacular views to the city and the Swan river (see picture).

On Sunday we went for a drive to see if any of the furniture stores were open, the biggest shock for us Poms is that everywhere shuts early, that is 5.30pm every night except late night opening Thursday, Sunday everything is closed except for the local stores (IGA's) and a few independent stores. Bunnings (B&Q) is open all hours but that is about it, Friday and Saturday night even the offies close at 8pm....

Anyway back to the plot, after our furniture viewing we drove to the John Forrest National Park for a walk, the park is about 25 minutes drive and is in the Perth hills, we drove around the parks roads slowly enjoying the view, at one point there is a small car park with an amazing view of Perth CBD (Central Business District) in the distance, we then drove on to a large parking area and walked a Kilometer to Hovea falls which was a surprise because we did not expect much and were rewarded with a spectacular view of the falls surrounded by massive granite boulders all fringed with glowing eucalyptus trees. (Mental note, take the camera next time).

So in a short time we have achieved a lot, we got all of the migrant paperwork out of the way, we purchased a car, the kids settled into school, we purchased a house and I got a job, it might not sound like a lot but some people take months or even a year to get to this stage.

Things seem normal and comfortable and after all of the unknown it's a nice place to be, the kids love it, Ally is happy and I get to eat lunch at the beach if I am that way during my working day which I hope I never get tired of it.



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